A cause for celebration?

A very interesting read on health visiting numbers.


Today (Monday 21st August 2017) marks the start of the third Health Visitor Week (#HVweek). When, previously I led on supporting Unite/Community Practitioners’ & Health Visitors’ Association (CPHVA) health visitor members in England, I reintroduced the celebration with it running, in 2016, between the 26th-30th September. The original event occurred in 1990.

For me it was a very enjoyable, if exceptionally hectic, culmination of over 9 months of planning and preparation, and brought together 82 organisations, who each supported the aims of the week.

As well as events in Cardiff, Glasgow and Belfast, I developed a virtual event for English members with 38 e-conference sessions which you can still watch today, and I hope stands the test of time.

I also developed the #whatisaHV memes which saw over 50 participants, both parents and professionals, tell us what a health visitor was to them.

With the 2017…

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