So as previously mentioned health visitors are all either qualified nurses or midwives and some have duel qualification. Due to past events the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) have changed the way in which nurses and midwives renew their registration in order to work as a nurse or midwife.

This new process is said to encourage nurses and midwives to ‘reflect’ on the The Code in practice and demonstrate that as a nurse or midwife they are living the standards set out within it. Revalidation exists to improve public protection by ensuring individuals continue to remain fit to practice inline with the requirements of professional registration, throughout their career. So are you Revalidation ready?


I myself am due to revalidate in September this year, along with around 51,000 others, which is apparently three times more registrants who revalidated in April. The NMC are advising that nurses and midwives renew early so it can be completed without any problems. In total over the next 3 years 685,000 registrants will be revalidating for the first time. So what does it mean to revalidate and what is required?

The requirements:

  • 450 Practice hours, 900 if your renewing as both a nurse and midwife

  • 35 hours of CPD including 20 hours of participatory hours

  • 5 pieces of practice related feedback

  • 5 written reflective accounts

  • Reflective discussion

  • Health and character declaration

  • Professional indemnity arrangement

  • Confirmation.

For more information you can download the full NMC guidance here and all the relevant forms and templates to download with examples from this link.

Once you have completed your information and had your confirmation meeting you can complete your revalidation application. The application should be completed by the 1st day of the month in which your registration requires renewal. To complete your application you must if you haven’t already register at NMC Online which will provide you with details regarding your registration and when your revalidation is due to be completed.

So to all of you revalidating good luck and it is not quite as daunting as originally thought!


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